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Not bad

Some of the humor was alright, but other parts of it just weren't funny. I wouldn't say it was "absolutely crap" like the person below me, but I do agree that the writing needs improvement.

On the bright side, the lip sync is a lot better than in some of your other toons.

Keep working on it, you're definitely improving.

Pliskin99 responds:

Thanks alot!


Really cool, really enjoyable animation.

Loved it

I thought it was great! Nice concept, good artwork, and not bad animation.

Really good work.

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For such a short and simple game, it's incredibly entertaining. Go make a sequel, but make it longer.

Numerous problems

1) It's a test. Tests belong in the dumping grounds, not in the portal.
2) Spikes don't kill you.
3)Shitty graphics. The light follows Sanford, and if you fall off the platform the screen goes dark with the exception of the actual platform.

In future, I'd suggest not submitting a "demo" unless it's a decent demo. And don't ask for good comments in a description for a shitty test.

I agree with the others

Keep working on the game, cos it looks awesome. But this is a test. No enemies, no weapons, no background, nothing except the music and the character. Don't submit tests, because this is the kind of reception they'll get.

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I can definitely see myself playing a game to this. It's got rhythm, it's atmospheric and the instruments used compliment it well.

Emma responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

- Emma

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The Shadman has done it again!

Loved the movie, and this is an amazing piece of work. Really well done.

Nice work!

A refreshing take on the tankmen.

Well, it's better than mine.

I have recommended you for the portal. I think it's pretty good!

8madness responds:


Hi. I'm DrunkenMonkey123. I'm a student, but in my spare time, I animate. Of course, I rarely have time for this. I'm at school for six hours every day, and then I do my homework. So there you have it.

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